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McKinney Falls State Park


Last Saturday, I needed nature. Badly. So, I suggested that we’d visit McKinney Falls State Park. Why? 1) It’s about 20 minutes from our apartment and 2) It has natural things.

We geared up and gathered the necessities: water, sandwich, snacks, backpack, and coffee (Starbucks’ Creme Brulee Latte to be exact–oh, thank you, ‘Bucks!). When we arrived, the park attendant told us that we were in luck because they were having a Holiday Twilight Hike that evening. Fun! So, we decided to hike (or walk) on different trails around the place for about 2-2 1/2 hours before the hike began at dusk (5:30pm). Unfortunately, the falls were nothing impressive, but, still the creek was beautifully nestled between limestone rock slabs and deeply-rooted cedar and evergreen trees. There were blue birds, finches, a family of ducks, and a heron within view. I loved smelling the freshness of the surrounding greens after a good, light rain. On a side note, the limestone ground was very strange to me. I had never gallivanted on so much rock before; it was like tromping on Mercury! As I viewed the upper and lower falls of Onion Creek, I missed the upper and lower falls of Linville, which made me miss Appalachia, which then made me miss my North Carolina home. Ugh. Stop thinking, Trina! Just breathe and enjoy!

Erik and I really needed that walk. It was so refreshing! Oh, and, I learned two things from our Twilight Hike: 1) I do not want to have children anytime soon and 2) hot chocolate, made by our Park Rangers, is the best! 🙂

Enjoy our photos!

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Lately, I’ve been busy buying last-minute Christmas gifts, grading personal narratives (only ~60 more to go!), and giving finals to my kids. I hope they do well! I’m looking forward to wrapping this week up at school, so that I can begin to enjoy the luxury of being a teacher and having the next two full weeks off! Merry Christmas to me! Oh, and look at these quiches that I prepared for our last grade-level meeting of the year: the closest to the camera is a bacon, spinach, cheddar cheese one, and the farthest is a broccoli, scallion/onion mix, and cheddar cheese.


Over the break, I plan on doing some at-home projects, visiting Fredericksburg (a German town about an hour away), and exercising outdoors. With mild temperatures (60s/70s), it won’t be hard to do! Erik and I leave for Groves, TX, next Thursday, where we’ll meet his cousins, aunts, parents, and sister. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone! Happy Holidays to you! Always take the time to treat yo’ self (and, I guess, others during this season of giving…)!

Good night, y’all!