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Closing Time, 2011.


It is now Day 7 of work vacation, and it’s lovely!

We got in from Groves yesterday evening where we had a great time with new family and friends! I think all I did whilst gone was eat. I know; I’m disturbed, too. The menus were enormous and elaborate, and the cooks: elegant! I’m now in serious diet & exercise mode. Today, I slept in and met Erik at Wahoo’s Fish Taco Bar. I treated myself to a *healthy* grilled whitefish bowl (the small size) with black beans and brown rice with a water and lime. I highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner. It really hit the spot and didn’t leave me begging for mercy in the ladies’ room! (Fast tangent: I’ve recently been revisited by a hateful case of acid reflux, and my relationship with food has been less than friendly. I’ve been watching everything I eat very closely.)

After lunch, I headed across the street to Hudson’s Sausage Co. and purchased four links of pork & venison sausage and ground wild boar breakfast sausage. I can’t wait to try! If you have any recipe ideas for these unfamiliar items, please comment below! Next, I worked out, ran a few errands, and giggled at some Portlandia episodes on Netflix. I really enjoyed this one: Put a Bird On It. I may or may not have snoozed a short while in the later part of the afternoon. Vacationing is so tiring! After 5 o’clock, I met Erik over at Black Sheep Lodge for MexiCAN Monday (all Mexican canned beers are $2 and all tequila is $2 off). We split a burger, and I ordered a side salad to go with, instead of fries. After some football watching and shuffleboarding, we headed out. I stopped into Target to grab some more holiday cards and found some cute navy blue sweater tights(!). Erik went to Best Buy to grab MW3, which he is currently playing. Boring. Boring. Boring. Well, I hope to get out and do some solo exploring tomorrow. On Thursday, I will be getting a custom designer facial and a 30-minute Swedish massage at Viva! 🙂 Erik’s Christmas gift to me! I’m SUPER EXCITED! This spa visit will be my first (and hopefully not last).

Apologies for a less-entertaining post. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring more entertainment! I hope that you all are recovering from your holiday feasts and are taking time to relax and appreciate this time of year! I’m already starting to think about what 2012 could bring… I’ve got my heart set on one of these:

G’night, y’all!