Dear lovely, wonderful Reader!

I know, I know! It’s been awhile. Adulthood comes at you really fast after that undergraduate (and graduate) degree is handed to you. I will attempt to NOT make this a woe-is-me blog post. But, WOE IS ME! The excruciating day-in, day-out monotony of adulthood is, well, painful. The daily stresses of deadlines, lesson plans, grading, networking, professional socializing, etc. smart my brain and in the most uncomfortable manner. That’s it! What I’m getting at: adulthood is uncomfortable. I don’t like the idea that spontaneity has waved its goodbye between the hours of 6am and 6pm, Monday through Friday. I do not find it comforting that I must do things even if I do not feel motivated or have the desire to. Procrastination runs deep in my blood, and adulthood does not like it. I feel like I’ve been undergoing some crazy blood transfusion since the start of my teaching career a.k.a. the Ms. Donham part of me. Alas, I have to remind myself during these lower points of life that I (a) have a job, (b) make some sort of impact (I think?!) in the lives of at least 130 young people every day, and (c) am surrounded by really, really great people, especially the Mr. Donham of this complicated equation [P>A?]. The students that I have keep me going because they do express their gratitude and love so often and the husband that keeps me around despite my complaints adds significantly to that boost of life and adrenaline.

Lately, life has taken over and has been placed on auto-pilot. I’ve spent my days adjusting to my new school and this incredible city. We’ve had visitors from out-of-state and of the canine disposition as well. So, for the next few posts, I will be highlighting the sights and tastes seen and devoured throughout this macro-Asheville called Austin. Where shall I start…

Chuy’s, just off Barton Springs towards Zilker Park, has a deep dark, scary secret within its walls! Not really. But, they do have something that NC doesn’t! They have a FREE taco bar. Gratis! You can eat all the nachos, taco meat, beans, queso, pico de gallo, etc. between the hours of 4-7pm (I think…I’ll recheck those times)! Magnifico! Are you kidding me? Plus, happy hour boasts great tequila-induced drink specials like bountiful margaritas for $5! Whoa, mamacita!

Tonight, Erik and I went to Phil’s, a burger joint conjoined with Amy’s Ice Cream (another delish treat!). Phil’s is located on South Lamar at Barton Skyway. I got a regular ol’ burger and Erik tried the bleu cheese one. There’s something about their buns… a little sweet… like yeast buns that Mama pairs with Sunday dinner. In addition, have you ever been in that conundrum where you couldn’t decide between regular or sweet potato fries? No need to worry! Phil’s gives you both in a “mix” style side of fries. YUM! Chomp. Chomp. Yes.

I’m going to stop with those two as a teaser for what’s to come… many more things that we’ve seen, imbibed, and consumed to come!

Here’s to hump day, tomorrow!


About asmallthingintexas

I am a small thing in big Texas. This blog will detail this big change for my husband, Erik, and I, as well as share new recipes, adventures, and commentary. We are moving from Raleigh, NC, to Austin, TX, in early July and cannot wait to start a new journey together, learning about the history, culture, food, and people of this southwest state. Wish us luck!

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