From France to India (and an extraterrestrial experience somewhere in the Midwest)


This weekend, I’ve been busy getting back on my regular workout routine. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I did two 30-minute slow runs, arms, and core work in our handy dandy small workout room located in our apartment complex. I’ve also enjoyed dipping into our double-circle pool! (Pictures to come!) In addition, a friend that Erik made while staying in one of Austin’s international hostels during his pre-move visit was celebrating his last weekend in Austin. This Virginia native had just wrapped up a summer internship here and was showing one of his buddies from home around the town. Naturally, we didn’t just see Austin–we saw France and India as well as met some Cowboys and Aliens somewhere in Midwest America.

On Saturday  night, we met up with our hostel friend at Justine’s Brasserie, a Parisian-style restaurant on South 5th Street.  I had already made these Turkey Meatball and Spaghetti for dinner, so we didn’t order any entrees. I did have a glass of their house Pinot Noir ($6)–tasty–and Erik ordered a pint of local beer and a bowl of the melon gazpacho. Our dinner-friends had the Duck Confit and The Royale with Cheese. The melon gazpacho was chilled and definitely interesting–the touch of fried pancetta over-top was a nice twist to the traditional Spanish tapa, melon and prosciutto. The boys’ plates looked exquisite (although I did not taste); the friendly waitress cleared what could have been thought clean plates. Erik and I will definitely return to this cool brasserie (to celebrate new jobs??). The atmosphere was unforgettable!

Off the streets of Paris-Austin!

Later that evening, we viewed Spielberg’s new flick, Cowboys and Aliens, starring that new James Bond-guy and Harrison Ford. You have to give credit to a guy that has the guts to make a film with the central topic dealing with cowboys and aliens AND making it an entertaining experience. I wouldn’t say that I’ll watch it again, but it was fun. Good times. I ❤ Harrison Ford!

You've never experienced this part of the Midwest--ever!

Finally, last night (Sunday), we went to Claypit, an Indian restaurant found in the UT area of Austin. The food was curry-licious and not overpriced! I had the Boti Kebob (marinated and grilled lamb); it came on a hot plate with a bed of grilled onion, basmati rice, and a sauce that I’ll be dreamin’ about for the next few weeks. Yummy! Erik had the goat with some basil and garlic naam. All the curry spices satisfied that Indian craving and more. (Erik may or may not still be recovering, ha!) I highly recommend this place to any new comers or old goers!

Smells soooo good in here!

On a final note, I had my interview this morning! Everything went swimmingly. My theory is that this interview was just an initial screening (only a vice principal and four English teachers were present), so I hope to get a call back to meet with the principal and get down to business!

For the rest of the day, I’m busying myself with catching a photo of our beautiful Blue Jay neighbor… quick little thing, playing hard to get! I’ll post when it happens! Happy Monday, y’all!


About asmallthingintexas

I am a small thing in big Texas. This blog will detail this big change for my husband, Erik, and I, as well as share new recipes, adventures, and commentary. We are moving from Raleigh, NC, to Austin, TX, in early July and cannot wait to start a new journey together, learning about the history, culture, food, and people of this southwest state. Wish us luck!

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  1. How’d the balls of meat turn out?? I’m having withdrawals from blogging lol but I’m way behind on my presentation for this conference, so I’m just reading a few 🙂 Glad your interview went well, I want to hear if you get it!

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